Client Testimonials

The proof is always in the pudding. Here is some feedback from current and past clients

“On Saturday the 14th of November I had attended a workshop which I honestly thought is gonna be like every other 1 I have been to but the moment I looked at the 1st page of the guideline I already wanted to know more. Personally this has helped me a lot to deal with issues that been really bringing me down lately and I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to work with Larissa and believe this is just the beginning of amazing things to come and the 1 thing I have learnt is that it’s never to late to pick yourself up again” – Natasha

“Life changing workshop all summed up in one hour. Thank you for an unbelievable, heartwarming, motivating and Inspirational workshop that I can recommend to anyone!!!!” – Roelien

“How would I describe a Larissa? A positive, enthusiastic, supportive, patient and clear communicator! These coaching sessions offers powerful tools that every person must have! It makes you dig deep within and this was such a great experience. I would highly recommend Larissa’s services, all the insight, advice and her passion for life has helped me think in such a different way!!! Always something to celebrate!!!!” – Alicia

“Great resources! The advice and information given during this course is engaging, interesting and easy to put into action. The beginning of the course was a good refresher for me as I have learned this a while back but it helps to put things into perspective for me and helps give me the actions I need to take to help me live a more balanced life” – Joann

“This was such a new & interesting approach with very practical tips. Another GREAT course from Larissa!” – Koro

Very informative and loads of actionable steps to take to create more balance in your own life and recognize where you need to shift from one side to the other – masculine to feminine energy or vice versa. Great course! – Sharon

“Easy to listen to, very motivational and i feel like I can start doing it all right away and I WANT to start right away. Great energy from Larissa” – Irina

“Amazing course! One of those that give you the elements and the means to ‘open your eyes’ and improve. The course teaches valuable content in terms of key elements, and I believe that it covers topics that interest and benefit everyone at the same level because it makes you more aware of many elements and details that might pass as unnoticed otherwise, but that are still important to take into consideration for a very positive lifestyle. Thank you Larissa, for sharing such precious insights with us” – Sabrina

“I really learned so much from this course. I really enjoyed it a lot. No more excuses, it is time to take back control of my life and make some changes 🙂 No more negativity! Thank you Larissa” – Liliana

“I appreciated your emphasis on the balance between femininity vs masculinity in all of us. She offered great tips on embracing and celebrating our feminine side” – Jessica

“The questions presented to assess ourselves are simple, yet incredibly deep and introspective. So far, very practical and powerful” – Angela

“Great to finally understand yourself and see the reasons for all of your behaviors” – Manar

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