Get to know me

Hello you Diamond !! 

My name is Larissa and I am a mindset and abundance coach from South Africa, I am so freaken happy you are here!

I have a background in Industrial Psychology (through the University of Johannesburg), I have worked as a sales coach for 4 years and have enrolled over 14000 students in my online courses but more importantly I am truly obsessed with why some people have it all, and I want to show you how you too can manifest all your desires.

The power of your mind is magical and you gotta learn how to use it!

I used to SUFFER girl – anxiety, depression, self comparison , fear and more-  oh I know these feelings all too well. 

I am here to tell you that you can rewrite the whole Goddamn book! (I did) There is a beauty inside of you so magnificent, so energetic and so attractive- you can light up a room with your energy – I want to show you how! (We are all so freaken powerful) 

My coaching techniques are based in concepts of psychology (understanding the subconscious mind), healing old wounds and traumas, universal Godly laws and I combined that with a helluva lot of love, passion and kindness.

Today is the day you stop settling and you start shining! Step into your beauty, step into your power,  and start living abundantly.

I am so excited to walk this journey with you!

You my darling, you are your most important investment.

Love ya!


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